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Our Training

We provide training in Restorative Justice at all levels which can be used in a variety of setting.  We offer training suitable for family, community, public sector, private sector, residential and foster care, education and workplace environments.

We are always looking to expand the work that we do and believe that offering a wide and bespoke training suite  in restorative justice is the best way of getting the message out about the power of the processes for re empowering those harmed by another person.  

We are happy to work in partnership with like-minded organisations who believe that victims or those harmed should receive the opportunity to be heard and offenders or harmer’s should be given the opportunity to hear what they have done and how their actions have impacted their victims in any setting.

This training suite will inform equip and enable you to carry out informal to formal restorative processes as well as manage those who wish to practice in this field. 


We also speak at conferences and seminars around restorative justice and other subject matters.

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Restorative Justice

Awareness Workshops (1/2 day)

Awareness Seminar:

For anyone wanting to learn about restorative practice and its principles.

Course Duration:  Half Day

Cost: £70.00 per person

Early bird offer £35.00 Per Person on the next available course for 2020

• The seminars are a taster session which gives participants an understanding of restorative practice.

• To provide information about restorative practices to a wide range of professionals and disciplines.

• The awareness seminars will inform participants about restorative practice and its principles, however will not equip participants with the skills to practice restorative approaches.

The workshop does not include a skills component and does not equip participants to use restorative practice.

NB: Unlimited Attendees with 2 trainers. 

Single Trainer: Max 100 


Introductory Foundation Training (1 day)

For anyone wanting to practice Restorative Approaches informally. 

Foundation Training:    

Course Duration:   1 Days

Cost:                        £170.00 per person  

  • This training will provide participants with the tools to practice restorative interventions informally in the workplace with clients or in any type of family or foster care or residential setting.
  • This training is suitable for professionals as well as anyone who wishes to use a different method of communication to resolve conflict or harm in an informal way. This training is run by Well Springs.

What’s included in the one-day training:

  • Introduction to the informal & formal scripts
  • Interactive learning within small groups
  • Raising awareness of the differing needs in the restorative process
  • Understanding communication
  • Practical application of newly acquired skills
  • Certificate of completion

This course will consist of blended learning, discussions and practical exercises. The key learning points will focus on restorative principles, communications and questioning for best outcomes as well as humanising conflict.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to use their newly acquired skills personally or in a professional setting.

Opportunity for enrolment will be given for delegates who wish to further explore the 3-day practitioner level training on the day.

*If you wish to train as a restorative practitioner doing FORMAL conferences then please do not book this course please book on the 3 Day Practitioner Course which is inclusive of this 1 day foundation course.

Single Trainers maximum number of participants is 16

Facilitator Training (3 days)

Facilitator Training:    

Course Duration:   3 Days

Cost:                        £495.00 per person 

Pre Requisite: Attendance on the awareness / introductory workshop / training course.

Pre or Post Course Work Reading: 4 hours

  • Facilitator training provides participants with the knowledge and practical skills to run a formal restorative process.
  • Participants in this training will be introduced to, and given the opportunity to practice, the full range of skills outlined in the core 2010 National Occupational Standards in restorative practice.

Training will be delivered in accordance with the following standards:

  • The Principles of Restorative Processes (RJC)
  • Best Practice Guidance for Restorative Practitioners and their Case Supervisors and Line Managers (Home Office/Ministry of Justice)
  • National Occupational Standards for Restorative Practice (Skills for Justice)
  • Facilitator training course will include practical applications (e.g. role plays of actual restorative interventions) all participant are given the opportunity to practise and observe facilitation skills plus give and receive constructive feedback from their peers and/or trainers.

NB: Single Trainers maximum number of participants is 12.

Managers /Supervisors Training (1 day)

Workshops/Seminars for Managers and Supervisors of Restorative Practice:

Facilitator Training:    

Course Duration:   Half Day

Cost:                        £120.00 per person  

  • This workshop is aimed at Manager and Supervisors, enabling them to support quality restorative practice by their staff.
  • Managers and supervisors have a critical role to play in ensuring that the quality of restorative practice is maintained.
  • Workshops/Seminars will give a good introduction to restorative practice, including the evidence base, and will ensure that Managers and Supervisors

are aware of the Principles, Best Practice Guidance, and National Occupational Standards as benchmarks of quality.

  • Managers and supervisors will gain an understanding of their role in supporting practitioners to deliver a safe and effective RJ process.
  • Managers must ensure that practitioners are properly trained, have access to case supervision, are given the time to do their job well, and access to support any opportunities for reflective practice.
  • Managers and supervisors who have responsibilities as a provider of a restorative service, for data collection, evaluation of their service, and maintaining records of restorative practice will benefit from this training.
  • The above quality standards can be accessed in Sections D, E and G of the 2010 Best Practice Guidance.

Managers and supervisors do not need to be trained in the skills of restorative practice.

NB: Single Trainers maximum number of participants is 16

Serious & Complex Training (1 day)


Course Duration: 1 Days
Cost: 275.00 per person 


Attendance on the facilitators course and have facilitated at least 3 cases.
This training is for practitioners who have completed facilitator or practitioner training in Restorative Practice who wish to further their experience in dealing with sensitive and complex cases.
To provide experienced practitioners with supplementary knowledge and skills to facilitate and manage sensitive and complex restorative practice cases and processes.
On completion of this course participants will be able to:
• Identify and define a serious or complex case
• Identify and respond appropriately to vulnerabilities within these case types
• Identify and risk manage any safeguarding concerns
• Explore what is meant by enduring harm
• Have a deeper understanding of victim sensitivities and needs
• Assess own /peer competency in facilitating a serious and complex case
• Be able to reflect on own and others practice
• Know how to work with and provide support to co facilitators
• Be able to demonstrate their new skills and knowledge. 

Contact us for booking options

Email: training@wsprings.org.uk

Case Supervisors Training (1 day)

Course Duration: 1 Day
Cost: 595.00 per person.

Attendees will be experienced practitioners who want to upskilled to carry out the supervision task.

This course will help practitioners develop knowledge and skills needed to provide advice and oversight in individual RJ cases.

Case supervision is most important as it provides advice and oversight to cases, brings new ideas and a fresh perspective and also checks that your practice is safe.

Case supervision is designed to give you support in your role as a restorative practitioner. 

On this course the different forms of supervision will be explored.   

Focus will narrow in on performance in line with the Best Practice Guidance Developing the skills and knowledge necessary for each practitioner  to perform this role restoratively.

NB- You are required to bring at least 1-2 anonymised cases for discussion. 

All attendees will receive a certificate of completion.