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Lets Talk Restorative
Youth & Schools Project

A project for schools and any organisation that manages or looks after young people to 18 years old. The project includes developing restorative services within schools, colleges, residential and foster care across Bedfordshire and its environs. We will be raising awareness of Restorative practice asan intervention for children, families, staff and leadership in organisations. In addition we offer a six week restorative program for children and young people which is a fun learning experience which enables them to understand and make sense of their behaviour and also put any unacceptable behaviour right, taking on board the impact on others. Following this program children and young people will be equipped with the much needed life skill of conflict resolution which will equally equip them in later life to restoratively handle any conflict situation using the same methodology. A must program for any young person living in today's society


Suicide and Restorative Practice


A project for those affected by suicide directly or indirectly. This project will look at developing awareness around the need for a restorative approach for  those victims who have been hit by suicidal thoughts and for anyone who is dealing with the aftermath of suicide and attempters, the projects design is to support this client group in a different way in order to be able to aid their recovery. Well Springs will be developing the project around restorative circles for those affected in partnership with two  organisation (FoLAD) Festival of Life and Death and (WEM) Wide Eyed Mummy through the campaign Hashtag:On its Head. We will be raising awareness and holding an event in Bedfordshire to mark World Suicide day on 10th September 2018 in order to promote better mental health and well being. 


Restorative Justice and Crime

A service for anyone who has been directly affected by crime and wishes to address the harm caused with the offender by using a restorative approach. This is a victim led service although we do take referrals from offender led organisations. Engaging in a restorative approach is a voluntary process for all parties involved. Restorative Justice provisions are said to be effective for both victim and offender in putting right the  impact and harm that crime or offence can cause. 


Restorative Practice in Foster Care and Residential Care

This project looks at how we can support placing authorities and staff or foster carers to maintain the well being of children looked after by addressing causes of placement breakdown.  By using restorative practice in foster care and residential care we can support placement stability encourage emotional stability and break down barriers for young people in conflict or at risk of gun or knife crime. 

Well Springs will also be raising awareness and offering training for staff and carers so that they are better equipped  to deal with instant issues that arise on their  premises or in foster homes where looked after children are causing the harm or committing  crime. 

This training and service support  will equip staff and carers to respond restoratively rather than having to always call the police in particular for low level incidents which may result in the child being removed sometimes unnecessarily.   The aim is to use restorative approaches as a sustainment tool to prevent placement breakdown and as a reconciliation tool for when this has already occurred so that the harm caused can be repaired both ways.  

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