About Us

Welcome to Well Springs Community Services

Well Springs is a Community Interest Company founded in 2010

Who We Are

Our staff and volunteers are committed to providing professional, quality and relevant outcome focused interventions.

Our Mission

Our main aim is to be the leading provider of victim led Restorative Practice services across the Bedfordshire region. As well as providing high quality social care, training and development services.

What We Do

Our approach is simply one of meeting people at thier point of need. Whether that is offering an organisational or an individual service. 

Our History

Well Springs was founded in 2010 as a Community Interest Company, our organisation was formed based on the growing need identified in the social care sector. We initially begun delivering as an independent social work provider of services and social care training and later expanded into offering employability programs in partnership with the DWP and CAP UK.  We now predominately work in the field of Restorative Practice and looked after children delivering training, direct work and supporting delivery and implementation in organisations across different sectors. 

The Restorative Approaches Principles



The primary aim of restorative practice is to address and repair harm.



Participation in restorative processes is voluntary and based on informed choice.




Restorative processes are fair and unbiased towards participants.



Processes and practice aim to ensure the safety of all participants and create a safe space for the expression of feelings and views about harm that has been caused.



Restorative processes are non-discriminatory and available to all those affected by conflict and harm.



Restorative processes are respectful to the dignity of all participants and those affected by the harm caused.

Why choose us?

Well Springs has been working with different community groups and statutory agencies over the past 10 years in and around Bedfordshire and its environs. Sharing our expertise is one way we  support organisations and individuals to develop or enhance services and foster best practice. 

We have established strong links and local knowledge which has helped us engage effectively with various agencies enabling us to work together to provide services more collaboratively. We are also an Oorganisational  Board Member of the Bedfordshire Victims Partnership which was formed as a consortium of agencies that now provide governance to the new Signpost Hub for victims in Bedfordshire set up by the Police and Crime Commissioners office.  

Well Springs have signed the victims pledge, our service users need to know that their needs are at the heart of what we do and we are committed to following a minimum standard of care in client engagement.

We agree that all victims of any kind and their families should be treated with dignity and respect,
provided with appropriate safeguards at all stages of any criminal and restorative practice process. That they feel supported and empowered to know their rights. We are committed to ensuring that this happens in our service. 

Would you like to start a project with us?

Why not get in touch and see how our services can work collaboratively to enhance the use of restorative approaches or other service area that may be of interest.